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Calf Pizzle - 6-9 x approx 10cm sticks

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High in protein, completely digestible and so delicious! Our Calf Pizzle snacks are made exclusively from dried calf pizzle, without any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Our Calf Pizzles are gently dried to maintain the flavor all dogs love and the health benefits your customer want. They feature only single ingredient veal, which is high in protein and completely digestible. Plus: These pizzles are not just a great snacks but also have a tooth-care effect. The gnawing motion is great for strengthening the dog?s jaw and helping to keep the dog?s teeth and gums clean. With our Calf Pizzle the dog can keep its mouth clean and healthy with a delicious, natural treat.

Ingredients: This product is made of 100% calf.

Nutritional content (subject to natural fluctuations): Raw protein - 65.4%, Raw fat - 25.6%, Raw ash - 3.5%